Cooking with your Gucci, and to chat with Kim Kardashian in Balmain: entertainment-to the quarantine!


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Balmain and Gucci are investing in digital content! In the above, to the creative directors, Olivier Rousteing, and of Alessandro Michele

At the time of the quarantine, and the brands are seeking new content to put food on the digital platform. We have already had the Jacquemus and Karl Lagerfeldnow Balmain he started the project #BalmainEnsemblethat is already 3 episodes in. The videos posted on the channel Youtube for the designer, that include reviews of the favorite collections of the creative director of the brand, Oliver Rousteing, and chit-chat with the actor and singer Darren Criss.

In the third episode, for example, Rousteing and Kim Kardashian they talk about the look of Balmain, used by it in the The ball of Meth by the year 2016, and his participation in the event as the creative director of the videoWolves“ the husband of Kim, Kanye West.

Among the contents of the Gucci on his Youtube channel, there are videos on cooking, where the chefs of the Gucci’s Osteriathe restaurant , created by an Italian, they teach you to cook a variety of dishes! You take care Rita Wolf!

In addition to the videos, the casino, with Karime Lopezwhich leads to the kitchen of the osteria in the Gucci The Gardenin Florence , you can also take a virtual tour of the exhibition “The Space is Just the Place. Eterotopia” (in Portuguese), “out of Space, it’s Just a Place for you. Heterotopia”), carried out by the designer in a museum Korea, south!

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