Donald Trump, and celebrities like Drake and Lady Gaga are all in the crosshairs of the hackers – IN


Donald Trump (Photo By Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Donald Trump (Photo By Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Since last week, one of the leading law firms in the entertainment, u.s., and saw a set of files amounting to 756 gigabytes of sensitive information falling into the hands of a group of would-be hackers. This Friday (the 15th), the group (now called Revil, and now Sodinokibi, she was the public demanding a ransom of US$ 42 million (equivalent to R$ 243 million), and within the space of a week, the demand is to be met.

The hacking of the company novaiorquina Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, can affect the celebrities that are a part of your customer base: many people, such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Drake, with Robert De Niro, James”, “Elton John”, ” The Weeknd, and Priyanka Chopra. Contact accurate leak in the hands of the group is unknown, but according to the investigation of the Variety, and includes contracts, agreements of confidentiality, the phone numbers, addresses, and discussions of the e-mail.

In addition to this, the Revil announced, to have binding in the respect of Donald Trump, and threaten them also, and make them public. The connection of this threat to the firm’s legal practice is uncertain and: Trump, apparently, has never been, and is the founder of, and lawyer for the firm, Allen Grubman, is also not a clear supporter of the president.

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