Fan-of-Taylor-Swift-and believe that it will be a big announcement coming soon


The fans Taylor Swiftwho has concerts in Brazil, believes that the singer is going to make a big announcement on the 8th of may!

The theory came about after the last post by the singer on social media. On Monday, the 27th, and she shared a selfie on Twitter and in the Instagramby typing: “Not too much going on at the moment“.

Even though this post seems really simple, some of the Swifties have noticed that it has been done exactly at 5:08 pm. If you can turn it into a date, according to the american calendar, is the month/day/year), it is the result of the 8th of may.

In fact, on the 8th of may and will be out in the next week, and it’s also a Friday, which is usually the day when the artists release new music.

Swift also makes references to the number 58 on his new music video, The Man. In the minute 2:44, there’s a message at the scene of the wedding, saying: “58-year-old after“.

Fans have also noted that the singer, a 30-year-old has used it a lot the word “in heaven“in his posts. This is the title of a new song? We’ll have to wait to find out!