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Last Friday, on (02) with the The Washington Post
he has published an article where nine of the victims had the the businessman, Vincent Cirrincione
the harassment
. According to the report of the women, Cirrincione, who has already empresariou Halle Berry Taraji P. Henson
it will attract to the alleged test, and in the assediava, kissing it, grabbing it and offering to manage their careers in exchange for sex. Most of the women are of african descent, and that he used it as an example of his client, the famous, to attract them to a possible job.

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Halle Berry spoke out after the former businessman was accused of harassment:
The disclosure

Halle Berry spoke out after the former businessman was accused of harassment is: “sad and sick”

After the allegations, Halle Berry
if you commented in the social networks, saying that it was sad and disgusted by his attitude. She also told the victim that is on your side and will fight for them, “Yesterday, I was saddened by the allegations against my ex-manager, Vincent Cirrincione, but now I’m sick after reading all the terrible, detailed accounts of their abuses, and nine are women. I am livid at the fact that he’s used to me and it has helped me to develop, attract, and manipulate women’s black, innocent, and most vulnerable to its predation. I’m hurt and I want one of these women and many others, know that I see you…. I hear you…. Do you care about it. I’m going to fight for you.”

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The past

Halle Berry
he was a client of the Cirrincione for a very long time, and has cut off ties with him three years ago, after finding out about the other charges against the employer. It has made such a confession to the Post, with no regard for what has been the case for the truth.

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