here’s 7 tips on how to get to the bottom of Kim Kardashian


Desired by many, the birthday boy or girl on Monday (21/10/2019) – Kim Kardashian has mastered the representation of the title of the icon on the bottom. To keep your glutes, the perfect, the advantage is not their best in the exercise.

The mother of four children in North St., Chicago, and Ps – with all the the song Kanye West-the united states will make a point of showing that part of such a body in the his body under the covers of magazines and on social media.

In spite of the star, and the sisters of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, place strong emphasis on cosmetic treatments, in addition to the (many!) speculating about the possible plastic surgery the home of the beautiful, Melissa Black, says that Kim doesn’t leave the gym from side to side.

According to the professional, a great deal of dedication to the muse of the physical activity that is concentrated in the buttocks and down the legs.

To get out of the gym with the “butt in the back of his neck, the Cities he is based on the tips from the personal advantage, and seven exercises to get your dream now.

1. The lifting of the legs
To begin with, a movement of the trigger from the buttocks, which seems like a roundhouse kick to the back. With knees and hands on the floor at right angles with the hips and shoulders, respectively, to lift up one leg, with the knee bent, bring one leg up until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Do five sets of 30 on each side, alternating legs.

2. The Closed-leg press
In a machine of the the leg presskeep your feet together on the center of the device, and make sure that your knees are touching each other all the time. To bring them up to your chest, letting your chest upright and your shoulders back. Do four sets of 15.

3. The Hip-thrust (elevation of the pelvis), with a weight of
First, sit down on a bench with a barbell in your lap. Then, lie down and go to the other end of the bench so that only your neck and shoulders are supported. Your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle with your feet completely on the ground. Then, lower the hips toward the floor, his hands still holding on to the weight in his arms. Prior to that, the hips touch the floor, contract your glutes to lift your hips back towards the ceiling. Do four sets of 15 repetitions.

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4. Machine hip abduction
In the machine, hip abduction, sit with your knees together and push your legs out. Sit down in front of the bank, and hold it up in front of the machine, so you really activate your glutes. Do it three times, with a series of 20 repetitions.

5. The support on the wall at the foot
Support hands on a wall and stand on tip-toe. Hold on to the position, and then lower the heels towards the floor. Make sure you keep your knees slightly bent all the time. When you get back up on tip toes, count one second, and then turn on the trunk of the body and down the legs to the floor. Repeat for four sets of 30.

6. Squats
Start with your feet separated at the width of your shoulders, and hold a barbell with a weight of both sides in the rear part of your shoulders. From this position, begin your squat. Try to focus on the four sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

7. Weight-bearing exercise
Place a barbell on the floor. Stand with the legs wide open (further than your hips and your toes pointed to the outside. Please make sure that your knees are in line with the toes of the feet. Squat down to grab the bar with both hands in between her legs. Then, push your heels up and push your hips forward as you hold the barbell with your arms straight. Repeat this movement for four sets of 15 repetitions.

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