‘I punched’, declares Johnny Depp on Amber Heard, who accused him of assault


On Monday, the 20th, his Wife bore the first witness to Justice, as part of the process of vilification that has moved against the ex-wife Amber Heard. It’s been a while that the two sets of publicly of their disagreements.

In December of last year, She said she has suffered death threats for having denounced the Wife. In an interview with the The Washington Postshe spoke about the impact of allegations of domestic abuse against her ex-husband had brought to her career.

In her testimony to the Justice, the Wife denied the claims, Amber Heard, according to the journal Peoplewho had access to the documents. “I will deny it vehemently all the allegations of the lady, Heard from her that she did, in may 2016, when he got on the court for a temporary restraining order, with bruises painted all,” said the actor.

In addition to saying that the claim She is fake, Johnny Depp has claimed that he was the victim of his ex-wife. “I never have I abused to her or any other woman. It was a perpetradora, and I was the victim. While a mix of prescribed amphetamines and non-prescription drugs and alcohol, the lady is Heard to have committed numerous acts of violence against me,” said the Wife.

According to a statement from the actor in all of these situations have been witnessed by the witnesses, and, in some cases, caused bodily harm to him.

Johnny Depp give details about the assaults and that he would have been Gemini, “and she punched and kicked me. You repeatedly threw objects in my body and head, including heavy bottles, soda cans, candles are lit, the remote control for the tv, and cans of paint. He told me that one of the episodes, it came to pass, after he asks for her to sign a post-nuptial after the wedding in 2015.

In the official press release, the attorney for Amber, Eric, George, denied all of the allegations of the Wife, and I said, ” this is a strategy to clean up the image of the actor.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have decided to get married four years ago. In 2016, the hollywood actress has filed for a restraining order on a charge of domestic violence against her husband. He denied the assault. In August of the same year; they divorced with a settlement of$ 7 million (approximately 28 million) and a term that prevents them from discussing the relationship in public.

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