If you listen, you will get to know in my heart,”


Lady Gaga has promised that her new album, ‘Chromatica’, it will be funky and fun, to keep away the bad days.

The singer’s picture on the cover of In Style, and has said in an interview on the disk, it tells the story of her life. “I’m really proud of that because, at the same time it is fun and celebratory, and if you listen to the song, you’re going to really get to know my heart,” he says.

“It’s as if the music gave you permission to go ahead. Even if you’ve had the worst day possible, you can dance to,” he says.

Gaga is leading the way In the Style that you have learned in your relationship with yourself is improved thanks to the experience of art. “Do you want to know Her? You want to know Stefani? In health care, and poverty, I am with you, and I’m going to hold your hand, no matter what happens,” he said.

The singer went through a difficult time in your battle against depression, and it talked about how it’s hard not to see it as others see it. “I was depressed when I went to the store, I saw a photo of me and thought to myself, ‘it looks as if it is all right,'” he says. “But I was secretly scared to death, and the world did not come to know.”

“Or some of the people in the world. I hate to use the ‘world’. It’s so self-centered to assume that the world is full think of me, or know me at all,” he says.

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In addition to the wedding, Gaga — who is dating Michael Polansky — want your music and movies in his career, but he felt the need to continue to help others. “[Eu quero] the more charity, the Born This Way Foundation (founded by the singer and to empower young people by helping in mental health,” he said.

“I want you to do a lot more philanthropy. I want to help fund more research into fibromyalgia and chronic pain by bringing together a team of physicians,” she says.

Social Networks

Lady Gaga has confessed that it is difficult to cope with the amount of love and hate that it gets on social media. “I’m obsessed with reading my comments, to tell liked, or to ensure that everyone in the world loves it all,” he says.

“It’s not bad, but it did result in a significant change in the culture,” he says. “This is an idea to connect virtually was supposed to bring us closer to her, but she has built up a lot of barriers and made it hard for us to be ourselves close to the people.”