In therapy, Taylor Swift: the 5 tests of the relationship between the Maintenance and-Marquezine – 28/04/2020


The participation of Bruna Marquezine moved to the Network’s CUSTOMERS yesterday that it has received the second, and the third is placed in the “WEEK 20” are: Rafa Kalimann, and Manu, Gavassi, this is the last long-time friend of the actress.

After a month of The first year the accompanying faithful to the reality of the world, and by organizing work parties to vote for the Maintenance, the relationship between the two, it was proof that we needed that this relationship is real and strong.

Of course, The first year it was who spoke up at the reunion. After all, she’s the one who had the news to tell her friend, who was confined for months in the house of the WEEK. Check out a few of the phrases from the show.


I learned how to do this work, Manuela. I wanted you so much that you have to win it to pay for my therapy. I’ve been cancelled every day since the program began.

But my God, how have you been courageous. The people were so very proud of you…. It was nice to see your participation, nice to see you giving in to his body and soul, and we delivered the heart and soul out here, too.


It has a value that is too large, the Thelma to win this year, and I know that you know that, right? We’ve talked several times about the weight is important, as it is necessary.

Task forces and other

I was talking about all the time with Catherine, and His [irmã e namorado de Manu, respectivamente]. Catherine did not, because she is an aquariana, and I know it. I spent the entire day organizing work, giving a name to the task force. You have no idea what it was.

I’ve got a thousand new memes for their inside of the program. This is my greatest treasure at this moment. Memes, gifs, anything you can think of.

Disney and Taylor Swift

I am so very proud of you…. I know, I know, it must have been very difficult for you. You know, where was I when you announced that you were going to be involved? At Walt Disney World.

I’m looking forward to at walt Disney world, and I have found your books about Taylor Swift, I bought one for you and one for me. But you know what I did with mine? I sorteei in the summer. For all the fans of Taylor Swift in this country voted for you…. I haven’t watched the documentary on Taylor Swift, because I was waiting for you to come out. P*ta, they gave birth to.

Birth of a friendship?

Rafa, I love you…. I really want this friendship to happen. It comes across a lot here at home. Hallelujah’ll.

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