Johnny Depp almost died after being beaten up by Amber Heard – the Famous


In the process, Johnny Depp’s move against the ex-wife, Amber, Heard, on the defamation counts with a large document, with a total of 339 pages and available on request from the legal counsel of the actor. All the info is on the site, the Subway, and People magazine.

The star of the franchise, “the Amazing Animals” requires compensation in the amount of$ 50 million. In 2016, the character of “the Tempest” came in with a petition for divorce alleging that the husband of the assaulted.

Depp has always denied the allegations, but a settlement between the two parties has been signed,, Heard he continued to campaign against the image of an ex that ended up causing the loss of jobs.

Right now, the game is turned upside down and the lead guitarist of the band the Hollywood Vampires has decided to open up the case. In fact, he was the one who had suffered physical and psychological abuse on the part of the show. In order to clear his name, lawyers for the actor, met with a veritable arsenal.

In addition to the documentary evidence, the work with the statements of witnesses, photographs, images, cameras, video, security, and audio files. On the list of witnesses in defense of the Wife, are the women who have been the victims of abuse on the part of the show.

One of them is Samantha McMillen, designer of the famous celebrities that he has worked for Amber Heard. In 2015, the actor is said to have been assaulted by the Wife, and he was with two eyes to be red. However, the consultant of fashion, he was with her, and did not see any bruising on his face from cuts or bruises in the body of the figure.

In his testimony, His reports, all of the abuse that he suffered during the time in which they were married to each other. He says that after the show went on, the mixing of amphetamines and non-prescription drugs and alcohol and became aggressive.

“The sra. Heard he has committed numerous acts of violence against me, often in the presence of witnesses, to a third party, which, in some cases, I have caused serious injury. Many of the attacks against me and she even admitted to it under oath,” he said.

“She slapped, punched and kicked me. It’s also time and again and often threw things at my body and head, including heavy bottles, soda cans, candles are lit, the remote control for the tv, and the cans of paint thinner, which hurt me badly,” says.

According to the actor, during a deposition in the divorce proceedings, She was forced to admit that a lot of these acts in the face of the evidence that he presented to them. It also tells you that it has had its moments where it contradicted their own admissions records, and perjurou against her own.

One of the most dramatic moments, Depp’s mind when She threw a bottle of vodka, and cut off part of his finger. He had to undergo a surgical procedure to repair, and got an infection that nearly killed him on the spot.

“I’ve had to do three surgeries to reconstruct my finger, and it contracted MRSA three times,” she recalled. “I was afraid to lose my hand, my arm, and my life,” he lamented. Known as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, when the bacteria enters the blood stream it can cause sepsis, and osteomyelitis, which is infection of the bone marrow.

The incident took place in the year 2015, when the actor was shooting “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” in Australia. At the time, Johnny was working on strong medication to endure the pain and cope with the routine of writing.

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