Justin Bieber says people who have sex before marriage – 16/05/2020


Justin Bieber said in a video posted on Facebook, that people who have sex before she is married, with model Hailey Baldwin.

“If I could go back in time and you don’t have to have seen some of the aches and pains… and I probably would have been preserved up to the wedding,” he said of Bieber’s, and causing terror on his wife.

“Sex can be a very confusing, when you are not sexually active with anyone else,” she said of the singer. He and Baldwin have been married since 2018.

In the model, in its turn, with the part of the husband. “We’ve had different experiences in relation to all of that, but I do agree with the fact that the physical relationships at times make things more confusing”.

Bieber also said that he was a shepherd to him, and made him understand more about what your priorities are.

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