Kylie Jenner shows off Stormi fofssima in the jet on the way to Disney


Kylie Jenner shows off Stormi fofssima in the jet on the way to Disney

PHOTO: Reproduction / Instagram

Kylie Jenner posted a photo of fofssima of their daughter, Stormi, in a private jet on the way to its world premiere at the Disney parks in Orlando, Flrida. She is the daughter of the empresria bilionria the rapper Travis Scott, who went their separate ways in October.

“The first trip of the Stormi,” wrote Kylie, showing off a filhota the whole of the casing: with the orelhinha, a blanket and a doll in the hands and feet. In the Stories, Has also published additional photos and vdeos with Stormi, and shall be entitled to the parks, it at the same time, the stroller for baby in luxury the Fendi, brand name what’s my name?.

Stormi, who turns 2 years old in February, is the sole daughter of the Case, the caula of the family Kardashian/Jenner, and that tends to be enchanted for the web, including by helping to spread the line that the beauty of the nurse superfamosa.

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