Low ticket sales was the real reason for Justin Bieber to switch the places of the shows, says the journal


Forbes magazine published an article providing details about that in the new film, Justin Bieber has moved eight of its 45 sites. These performances were transferred from the stadium to the gym, or in a tight space, but for a smaller number of people.

The on-site TMZ has come in the post, which is the reason why it would be in a measure due to the coronavirus, as it was announced that the “unforeseen circumstances” had caused the change. However, according to Forbes magazine, the real reason was another one.

The real question for the shows before they are marked for the stadium will be changed for the gym has been low demand from the public for a year. The vehicle, says the new film, Who was “doomed to failure” from the very beginning.

In the matter of Forbes magazine quotes a good example, but the success of the BTS skytrain. In accordance with the subject matter, the group of K-pop, has announced his tour, approximately a week after the star, a canadian, and currently the tickets are almost sold out for their 15 performances all over North America.

In the Industry, it indicates a number of errors in the reading of Justin bieber and his team when you are planning a large tour in stadiums, after years away from the music. The magazine says that the singer has faced two challenges: The first is to sell the tickets since it is available, and the second one is correct, the narrative of the tour is a flop, even though it may have been reasonable to move the site to live in smaller spaces.

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The numbers of his former tour, to Purpose, they were amazing. Please see the details below:

“Purpose ” World Tour.

The company’s total revenues, at US$ 256 million
Total tickets sold: 2.8 million
The total employment in the show: 99% of all the tickets that are available

While on tour last year started in the arena and not the stadium, Who had lived in the transition of the young teenage star to one of the adult pop of the more well-known all over the world. “The Purpose Tour” was widely praised by the public and her fans.

In the next step, logically, would be to take a tour of the stadium, for an audience of one’s production over a full. However, Forbes cites a number of reasons why this may not have been the best choice.

The magazine cites the cancellation of the last 14 shows from “Purpose ” World Tour”, when Justin bieber claimed to “extreme fatigue” and the final presentations that they have made the fans consider that they don’t buy tickets to the tour of the “Changes”. In addition, Forbes mentions that the same-appearing on the cover in a variety of collaborations over the past few years, the loonie has lost space to the new stars of the pop and hip-hop culture, which decreases its popularity.

Another reason for the show losing a number of the search the reception desk for the most recent disc from the singer, “Changes”. In the first week of release, have been sold to 231 billion units, while the “Purpose” of its predecessor, it reached 522 billion units.

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For the Industry, only a few exceptions, you have the power to fill the stadiums regardless of whether you have the album or the single to number 1 in the charts, and they would be names such as the BTS, and Taylor Swift. According to the magazine, it is up to the artists more popular than Justin bieber at the moment are opting for tours in the arenas of health and fitness, such as “Ariana” Grande, Drake, and Post Malone.

Source: the firefly.com.br