Modernization and Kylie Jenner have skin in the photos on Instagram

Has honored a friend who was at the show in California

One of the great promises of the pop music, and this year it’s a singer from Mexico who has been making quite a noise ever since he launched the music of ‘Con’s Height’ in partnership with J Balvin. After winning three Grammy awards, the Latin and rack up the hits, Modernization is now starting to make good friends, and among them, the socialite and model, Kylie Jenner, that has been shown in other veze to be a big fan of the singer, in Spanish.

In a photo posted recently on Instagram of the two, the relationship seems to become more and more strong, it could not be seen by the fans. In a riff on the images of the proposal that is circulating on social networks in Mexico and it Has to appear embraced it and decided to caption the photo with an emoji of a ring, with the caption “I said yes,” taking the followers to the edge.

The moment recorded in the picture took place behind the scenes of the show that Mexico has made in Los Angeles and had a visit from Kylie. The game of friends, it’s just an extension of what they both do on their social networks. Case with respect to Mexico is always like, “my baby,” and posted a picture of his hand earlier, and in December of the previous year.

Mexico, which currently reaps the benefits of their highly successful album “El Mal Want to” come to work with Travis Scott, the ex-boyfriend of Kylie, and is possibly responsible for making sure that the two knew each other. All the artists were put together on the remix of the song “Highest-In-The-Room”, which appears on the compilation “JACK BOYS”.

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