Powerful! Nail of the day for Kylie Jenner, it’s a nail art to the very rich


The manager brought up the logo of Chanel for its production

The queen of the nail arts strikes again! Kylie Jenner he showed on his Instagram that he played with it all at the the pink wavethe color , that you are out and about in your clothes, makes, and, of course, on the nails! The empowering has shared a video with the details of your look, bet on this week, and it seems to be expensive, you know? Come understand it!

Turns out that it’s not just a nail art program! If you look closely, the art is in high relief carries the logo of a luxury brand Chanel. The coolest, isn’t he? The person responsible for the production of the expert Chaun Series, Thethat takes care of your nails of your Case, there is a time and meet in the Los Angeles area.

The price of the art of the professional of the celebs turns into more than$ 150 dollars (approx$ 600). Nice! It is worth noting that, in the case of the Case, it still has value in the maintenance of the nails, in the gel.

Are you enjoying the production at the same time?