PROGRAM – Katy-Perry-says he is “taking over the Covid of 30,” because you are eating for two


Katy Perry is currently on the social isolation of home, she can be “hormonal”. The artist is american, says, in reference to the increase in weight, that “some of us are getting the Covid is 15 and missing out on the Covid 15. I should be making the Covid 30 because I’m eating for two. Therefore, each and every week, I’m… different.”

In a video interview on this past Saturday, Perry talked about the challenges of being in the house a long time ago. “I have to tell you that I have five good days and two who cry, when I look at the toes of the feet, or when I do simple tasks, take over, “also, I think that this is most likely due to the hormones”.

The artist, who is in a “quarantined” with some of the family members, says that it is not used to it, “with so many people in a confined space for so long.” “I like to take time for myself, on my own, and I have no where to go except for my car. I often go to my car, which is parked right next to my house.”

Included in an event of solidarity, “Shein Together,” which aimed to raise money for the World Health Organization, the interview was a performance by the artist at her home studio in which she sang ‘Firework’, ‘Roar’ and ‘it’s Never Really Over’. Check out the video below.

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