Rolling Stone · Jennifer Aniston left a diamond ring for$ 2.5 million received as a gift from Brad Pitt?


Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt they were one of the couples is the most beloved of Hollywood back in the early 2000’s. At this time, the star asked the actress at the wedding, with an engagement ring for $ 500,000 – an average of$ 2.5 million with the exchange rate of the dollar on Saturday, the 16th. The two were divorced in 2005, however. The star of the Friendshe kept the ring? The cheatsheet those who remembered and shared the story with you.

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The couple began dating in 1998. In the beginning, the two have preferred to keep the relationship out of the spotlight, and the site visit. Later, in July of 2000, they were married in a beautiful ceremony in Malibu.

For the engagement ring, the star has been working with the designer Silvia Damiani to create the ring, which was based on one of a pair of earrings that he had bought for his girlfriend before.

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Interestingly enough, later on, he was sued by Hammond, the company had been selling replicas of the ring that they had created for the Jennifer Aniston when it was agreed that it was an exclusive piece.

In this special edition of the ring, he spent $ 500,000, an amount that’s too high in 1999. Coincidentally, this is the same value that Justin Therouxher Aniston the postBrad Pittspent on the engagement ring for the actress for more than a decade later.

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What happened to the ring after the end of the bed on a 2005? After all, it’s a piece that is worth half a million us dollars in 1999, it is not a subject that has probably been left out of the agreement in the divorce.

The Cheatsheet he recalled, however, that the AnistonI never revealed the fate of the engagement ring Pitt. Given the way the couple went their separate ways, but on good terms, and with the friendship up to the present day, it is very likely that he or she has kept the engagement ring.

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In addition to this, the site also confirms that the Anistonreally liked the style of the first ring and the engagement ring. This is because, for the appearance of the actress on the red carpet at the Golden globes this year she wore a diamond is a giant that looks like the ring given to her by the Pitt.

Still, the two found themselves in the The SAG Awards for this year, and had a nice conversation, which led to several rumors on the internet about the possibility of reconciliation, because at the time they were both single.