Sabrina Sato recalls an interview with Justin Bieber


Sabrina Sato reminded us of the iconic interview with Justin Bieber in 2010. On Instagram, she posted a picture of the side of the singer had bought the meme from “Justen”. At that time, She has been corrected several times by the artist, not to pronounce his name correctly.

The film was “Panic on TV” by the time he met Bieber, and that he found viralizou in Twitter account. For this moment, did not She on the cover of the post, click on that day. In the post, it came at Bieber’s, and he wrote only, “Justen”, which is the correct way to pronounce the name of the singer.

By the way, this Twitter will never forget. A few months ago, a user of a social network is recorded, the interview and posted a video. Check it out below:

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