Simple ideas for letting the room to be small with a lot of charm


A space is charming and functional, it is a dream of many for a small living room, but you don’t always have the right ideas to accomplish this. In this way, the Metro Newspaper has decided to select a few simple ideas, you can fill your living room’s charm. Check it out!


A small room is the perfect place to put a beautiful wallpaper which will give you a touch more elegant.


Rotary table

The round-table discussion can provide more charm to your living room. It’s such a simple thing makes a world of difference.



At strategic locations, in addition to decorate the environment, and the mirrors give the impression that the space is larger.


The tones are saturated

To say the least. For this reason, you may want to invest in painting the wall in a saturated tones, such as teal.



A lamp or even a lamp shade, large from the floor can make the atmosphere becomes clearer and more elegant.


Mix up the patterns

From your personal style, you may want to invest in a decor full of patterns that you should be talking to each other).


Colorful adirondack chairs

If you love a colour, invest in a colorful adirondack chairs. They will bring more joy to your environment.