Taylor Swift ranks on the release of the old songs from the ‘greedy shameless’ Music


“I want to thank my fans for getting me warning that my old record label is releasing this evening, an ‘album’ of my live performance… this release does not have my approval,” he said of the singer, its 131 million followers on Instagram.

From the album “Live From Clear Channel Stripped for 2008 will include the recordings that she made for a radio show when he was 18 years old,” said the performer of “Fearless”.

She described the launch of the Big Machine Label Group as “yet another case of the greed, blatant in the time of the coronavirus. In very bad taste, but pretty transparent.

The record company, Big Machine, did not want to comment on the issue on Thursday (September 23).

Swift, recorded their first six albums, with the Big Machine, and in the year 2018 has been the Universal Music Group. The Big Machine is the owner of the master recordings in its catalog of old and, as is standard in the industry, he has the right to release the material recorded when he was with the company.

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