That really was one of the original Kim and Kris Jenner


The family Kardashian-Jenner he is a specialist at making jokes on each other and on the latest episode of the Keeping Up With the Kardashiansappears on the night of Sunday, the 22nd, was no different.

Kris Jenner fromcatch of the century“and you managed to fool all her family and no one ever knew the truth.

And if you Kim Kardashian watch all the videos from the safety of his parents ‘ house, it would have really been worried about her mother. However, when the wife of Kanye West has arrived at the residence, was faced with the revelation.

Mother. To speak., “he said Khloé as for the sister, she was desperate, and Kris also made a commitment to the story.

Talk about what?”“asked Jonathan. “I got you!!!“send for the momager, chuckling.

All of this was a warning to Kim about the heavy security personnel at the home of her and Said, you need to make some adjustments.

We only wish we could have a right to go in and out of your home, “said Kris. “Loud and clear“confirmed the blonde on the job.

As fans will remember, a bit, showed it to one of the security guards of the former attacking, and Kris, driving a friend to a stretcher and leaving the audience curious.

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