The Agenda for the lives of this Friday (the 15th), has-Katy-Perry -, Anitta e Michel Teló


While the constraints of the events are continuing, as a way to combat the Covid-19, the artists maintain with the hectic schedules in the lives of music. This Friday (the 15th) you must show for all to enjoy. What happens to a pop star, an american-Katy-Perry -, Anitta e Michel Teló, who sang at the festival of #SeparadosMasJuntos.

Lovers of country music can enjoy the Footpath and the Foreman, and the Very Magellan. The band Melim is going to close the agenda for today’s presentation at 22h45.

The other two icons of brazilian music, such as Gabriel, The Thinker and the costa, if present, also on Friday.

Here’s the schedule

  • Katy Perry – 14 (Amazon Music)
  • Queen: The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert – 15 (Audio)
  • Lucas Pavani – 16 (Audio)
  • Roadie Crew – the Online film Festival (Edu Falaschi, Bull, Kamala, and many more) – 18 (Audio)
  • Alexandre Carlo (Natiruts) – 19 (Instagram)
  • In Day, and Series 19 (Dvd
  • Carreiro and Foreman – 19 (Audio)
  • Gabriel, it has been pointed out – 19 (Audio)
  • Swinging – 20 (YouTube)
  • Léo Magalhães – 20 (YouTube)
  • Pedro Sampaio – 20 (YouTube)
  • Body – 20 (YouTube)
  • New-Music – 20 (YouTube)
  • Edward Brazil – 20 (YouTube)
  • Erikka – 20 (YouTube)
  • Marcos Lessa – 20 (YouTube)
  • Ana Carolina, 21 (Audio)
  • #SeparadosMasJuntos (and Claudia Leitte, Anitta, Michel Teló, Vitor Kley, and more) – 21 (Audio)
  • Melim – 22h45 YouTube)

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