The brazilian ex-nanny to the children of Kourtney Kardashian earned$ 1 million a year


Mary Ellen Heames worked in the schema of the call, and you could be banned from using mobile phone during office hours.

As a brazilian can be of the baby sitters the most successful in the world. With an annual salary estimated at around$ 1 million, and Mary Ellen Heames, 38, had taken care of the children in her Blac Chyna, 31, and children, Jeffrey Katzenberg, 69, was one of the founders of the DreamWorks studio.

However, her most famous one was Kourtney Kardashian’s, 40’s, in the house of one who has lived up to 2019, taking up the post of nanny-in-chief of the three children. Travel in jets, ride, skate on the private track to the manor house where she used to work, and have dinner at the same table as your friends in the home, such as actress Megan Fox, 33, is a part of the routine of bahia, according to information from the magazine to See it.

The publication highlights the fact that Heames part of the select group of “nannies six-figures’ as they are known in the United States, the nurses of the luxury that you come to earn annual six-figure. They work six days a week, in the scheme of the world in a way that there will always be one of them, at the disposal of the owners.

Heames said that in many cases, women are not allowed to use a cell phone during work hours, and also have a credit card from a family for whom they work. “There are parents who set out to spend like$ 100 on a daily basis. It is not because he is rich, that is, the child is able to take what they want,” says the brazilian.

According to the publication, the only child of parents of the middle class in the city of Santo Antonio de Jesus, state of Bahia, was studying nursing and had no plans to be a nanny in the United States to be a turning point in his destiny. In 2007, the mother-of-Hames died of autoimmune hepatitis, and 23 days later, the father of the young man, took his own life.

She stopped in the college, and a friend of mine talked about an exchange program, known as an Au-Pair, that you recruit young people to other countries to work as a nanny in the home of a family outside their country of origin. Even without speaking English, and Hames has done an interview, claiming that the audio was a problem. “I have answered the questions in writing, using the translation of Google,” he recalled.

He arrived in the United States with $ 50 and got to work on it for$ 800 to a family who has accepted that she is communicating through mime. After two years he got a job with a family in an upper middle class than those who received up to$ 28,000 per year. Things changed when she went to an agency, specialized in celebrity gossip. At that time, already mastered English, and Spanish, and have experience training in first aid and infant and young child feeding.

Hames has left the hook as a nanny to take care of his daughter, who is nine months old. Who is married to an american, she has invested her earnings in real estate and is the owner of a consulting agency to the nanny.