The changes in the security personnel run counter to the version of jair bolsonaro on the meeting


Over the course of this year, the president, Jair, jair bolsonaro has done a lot of changes in your personal security, including through the promotion of responsible, as revealed by this Friday (the 15th), the “news” from TV Globo. The two decrees, and a decree was published in the “Official Gazette of the Union,” putting into question the version presented by the president of the Republic, in which the claims are exposed for the council meeting on 22 April, referred to the problems with the team that takes care of your safety and security, and it is not an attempt to interfere in the Police force of the Federal government.

“I already tried to switch us to the safety of our Rio de Janeiro is officially on and I can’t. It’s over. I’m not going to wait for the f.. my family is all I, or my friends, because I can’t change anyone’s safety at the end of the line, which belongs to the structure. Is going to change; if you are not able to change, to exchange, to the head of it; you can’t replace the head, swap to the prime minister. And in the end. We’re not here for a joke,” said jair bolsonaro, in the meeting, according to the transcript, to be forwarded to the Supreme the office of the solicitor General (AGU).

At a meeting with the former prime minister, Sérgio Moro, and the other the auxiliary is a key part of the investigation, which is being tried at the Federal Supreme Court (STF), and assesses whether jair bolsonaro have attempted to interfere politically in the CLINIC. The attorney General’s office, which defends the president if it is against the dissemination of the full text of the discussions that took place at the meeting. The final decision for the lifting of the secrecy shall be taken by the minister to the Mayor, which was Released in the next week or so.

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According to the reports of people who have seen the movie, the president called on the superintendent of the Federal Police in Rio, “safety on the River.” Jair bolsonaro claimed, on the other hand, what if it was your own personal safety, which is done by the Office of Institutional Security (GSI).

However, on the 26th of march, about a month prior to the next meeting in April, major general Andrew, Orange Sa in December, Correa – so, the director of the Department of Presidential Security of the GSI was held by jair bolsonaro for the exercise of the office of the Commander of the 8th Brigade of Infantry to Motorized.

The direction of the Department of Presidential Security was left with the deputy, Gustavo Suarez, and promoted to the title holder in the division. Some of the tasks of the department is “to ensure the personal security of the president of the Republic, the vice-president of the Republic and members of their families”.

A third exchange, involving the personal security of the president, that occurred in Rio de Janeiro. A decree of the 28th of February, just two months before the ministerial meeting held in April, was placed on the lieutenant-colonel Rodrigo Garcia Went on to play the role of the chief of the representative office in Rio de Janeiro’s Secretary of Security, and in Coordination with the Presidential to the GIS. All three of these exchanges shows that the president is not faced with problems to make changes in this area.

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The report also sought the advice of the president of the Republic, and of the ISM, which has not yet manifested itself. The space is open for events.