The Ex-safety-of-Kanye-West-reveals rules “for the birds” that you have to obey when working with him: “the Person who didn’t like to work”


The guardian of the West the West, the work should be doubled, because that’s definitely the rapper that don’t make life easier for your security personnel… In an interview for the podcast, “Hollywood Raw”, his former bodyguard, Steve Stanulis, revealed that the demands of the case and an eccentric that you had to face during the period of time that he has worked with the singer.

According to the trader, who now works as an actor and director, He has “rules are stupid”. One of them was forcing the safety to stay away from an artist on the street, making it even more difficult for your work to protect it. “He wanted you to stay ten steps behind him on a street in the city. And then, of course, if someone were to come up with in order to do something about it, by the time I was running to try to avoid it, it would have happened,”in the world.

For the first time by Steve, and the West met each other during fashion week, a time when it was in the memory of the security. “I was supposed to meet him at the studio. When he gets there, we got on the elevator and he said, ‘You’re not going to hit the floor are we going?’ And I said, ” I don’t know what it is, my first of the day”recalled.

The Ex-safety-of-Kanye-West-has revealed that the rapper was “rules are for the birds,” and became upset if it appeared directly in front of the camera. Photo: Getty Images)

But it is the voice of “All Of The Lights” didn’t like nothing, nothing to the response. “It began with the claim: ‘So, you mean to tell me that you didn’t call in advance to find out where I should go?’ I said no, so he was raving, and shouting”, she said. What Kanye West did not expect was that Steve would have had a personality as strong as his own.

“So, ” I said, ‘man, we can do this in two ways. First, can you tell me which button to press, and now I’m going to learn. The two of you, you can press the button, and I’d like to see what you hit, and then I will know. Or three, you can sit here all day and tell me how much is your time, and we’re not going anywhere’”shot. However, this kind of dialogue has become a routine occurrence in the workplace. “That’s happened a number of times. I gave it to him, one -, two -, three -, [maneiras]” he told her.

Stanulis also suggested that perhaps the rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian will be responsible for communicating with the planet with respect to its appointment on the day. “First of all, there is no way to [os paparazzi] don’t be known in advance. There is no way that when they leave, and all of these people are aware of it yet. Definitely, someone who is calling before you. This is just my opinion”he said.

“I’m just saying that it’s a coincidence that no matter where we are, [os paparazzi também estão]Maybe they are just the best of what I got”, desconversou to the managing director.

The Ex-safety-of-Kanye-West-hints that the singer’s wife, Kim Kardashian, reveal where you’re going to be in for a very ahead of time. Photo: Getty Images)

Even the simple clicks of a Kanye west on the street and they ended up paying “pulling the ear”, in Steve. “Technically, I should be walking in front of him. I’ve got to make sure that you are as well. He was angry with me for appearing in photodelivered. “Well, then, I was like, you know, ‘are You serious?’ He was worried about me being in the picture of it for the video to TMZ or the Daily Mail… doesn’t matter. Instead of saying thank you, he was mad at me for being in the photoif he was angry.

The actor of the year ” and other major celebs who have worked, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, Alanis Morissette, Woody Harrelson, and Tobey Maguire, but he cited Kanye west as a “one of the people with whom they least liked to work with”. In spite of all this, Steve has made the point that I admired very much as an artist dedicated to your work. So far, neither the singer and Kim Kardashian’s statement regarding the interview of an ex-employee.

Steve Stanulis took part in the podcast, “Hollywood Raw”, to be presented by the data analysis expressions (Dax Holt, and Adam Glyn. Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The impact of the involvement of Steve in the podcast, had stamped them make headlines for various media outlets. On her Instagram people, the security guards decided to talk to you about the interview. “I am making this statement because of what I’ve said in a recent podcast, it was taken out of context by the media, and it was about the events that took place many years ago,”started.

“Kanye West is one of the hardest workers that I know of, in addition to being talented in every aspect of your life. I believe in it so much that we, my company, Stanulis Films began to talk to him to make his debut in a film that we’re producing in New York city after a [que terminar a pandemia] the covid-19″he said.

Then, As he praised Kim Kardashian and her husband, and said that the rapper was responsible for the new direction of his career, as an actor and a director. “In the current climate of our society, it is unfortunate that the media will try to dig up a juicy piece of gossip as bait for clicksended , prior to the announcement of the next project in a professional, and to ensure that it will not play on most of the subject matter.