The fans want it so much it is a partnership between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, who has made the most of a theory about a possible cooperation


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The history of the relationship between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift can be considered to be a real Russian roulette. After publicly admitting to a feud between the two singers made up, and very quickly it has become a subject for the speculation of a musical partnership.

I sealed the new friendship with Taylor, to appear in the music video for “You Need To Calm Down,” the album’s “Lover,” and now, with their fifth full-length studio album coming soon and a new single, “Daisies”, scheduled for release on the 15th of may, and there are those who believe in the partnership between the two years.

After a lot of speculate about the possibility of a collaboration between Katy and Taylor on the song “Harleys in Hawaii”, which was launched by Katy Perry in 2019 at the latest, and now the fans have created a theory to justify the evidence of a partnership between the two years.

The situation began to gain prominence after the publication of Taylor Swift on social media. The singer appears wearing a blouse with daisies embroidered on it. “Daisies”, the title of the new song by Katy Perry, in Portuguese, means many. The range has been announced by the singer on Thursday (07)the range has been announced by the singer on Thursday (07), as it is the first single off of his upcoming album, and the 5th of his career, and is the successor to the “Witness”.

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In the caption, ” Taylor only writes, “great isolation”, referring to the current time of the quarantine against the new coronavirus. It is also used for the sea princesses emojis, of a snake, which became the brand name of it was “Hook” and a couple of glasses of wine, as she appears to be holding on to the one in the photo you posted.

On the day of its publication, also has a special meaning for the two singers. On the 7th day of may in the year 2020 will mark the two year anniversary of the beginning of the “Hook Song” by Taylor. The same day that I sent it to her with a genuine request for peace, a branch of the olive tree, and a letter.

The fans have already started freaking out at the possibility of a collaboration:

“It will be a collaboration, or Taylor Swift, you just want to promote the ‘Daisies’ out of Katy Perry’s subtle”

There are even some who go as far and you already have all the theory related to the partnership between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift

“Well, then, the most recent post of Taylor SWift on Instagram-is-the-post 438.
Katy Perry will be releasing the first single off of their 5th album, ‘Daisies’, on the 15th of may.
The designs on the top, Taylor is 5 and daisy who will represent the month of may.
Oh my god! In a collaboration?”

It is important to remember that there is no confirmation about any of the musical partnership between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift at the moment.

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