The yacht’s ex, Jennifer Lopez, valued at$ 28 million, which it will catch fire in Miami, fl – 19/12/2019


The yacht, the singer Marc Anthony, the ex-husband of the united states, Jennifer Lopez, has caught fire at a port in Miami (USA).

According to TMZ, the yacht, named Andiamo started a fire for unknown reasons on Monday night, and firefighters acted quickly to prevent the other ships in the port were carried out.

The Andiamo, however, it was not considered to be a “total loss” by fire. Valued at US$ 7 billion (more than us$ 28 million), the luxury vessel was 36 feet long.

The yacht had five rooms and a capacity to host up to 12 persons. Barbecue grill, TV, satellite tv, internet wi-fi, jacuzzi bath tub, and the stations for the many jet-skis are among the amenities available to you.

Anthony, who was married to Lopez from 2004 to 2014, was posting pictures of partying on the boat with friends and as a producer DJ Khaled.

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