To celebrate Mother’s Day, the Globe shows The Greatest Love of all ” in the Session for the Day · News of the TV


The Globe shows in the film, The Greatest Love of all ” in the Session on the Afternoon of Friday (the 8th), at 14h58 (eastern time). Launched by the year 2016, the comedy brings out Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Julia Roberts, respectively, Sandy, Jesse, and Miranda, the three women of different generations who all have their stories cross in the week prior to Mother’s Day. But it’s not all celebration for them.

Sandy is a divorced, single mother of two children, gets on well with her ex-husband, and lives with the hope of having it back or find a new love. Jesse, on the other hand, you must have a good relationship with their parents are conservative, and hides from them that he had a son with her husband, an indian-calling it “too dark”, as well as having a sister is gay and lives with his girlfriend and also he has an heir.”

It is also shown in the life of the Bradley’s (Jason’s Things, a widower who recently lost his wife (she lives with Jennifer Garner, in a cameo), and he faces up to the challenges of being a parent by yourself. There is also the very successful Miranda, who gave up her daughter to focus on her work, with no idea that she is alive and determined to find it. All of these stories are connected in some way.

Watch below to see the trailer, The Greatest Love of all:

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