To overcome the fear of being alone has been a great journey for me


Chosen to be on the cover of the edition of the magazine articles about the Persons of the Year, the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is said to be left alone has always been one of their greatest fears. Therefore, the choices is not always appropriate to put them in difficult situations.

“It’s one of my biggest fears as a child was to be left alone,” said the star of The Coup in an interview with the magazine.

“I just didn’t like to be left alone. I grew up sleeping with my sisters in one bed.”

J-Lo and the three women were honored at this week’s cover: Jennifer Aniston, Michelle Obama, and Taylor Swift.

The pattern of fear continued into her adult life, she said, and, looking back with hindsight, Many realise that your hatred is probably brought some of the choices that can be harmful.

“I have been in relationships at times are wrong for all the wrong reasons, because he didn’t like to be left alone,” says the artist.

Jennifer Lopez in a scene from The Coup - Making

Jennifer Lopez in a scene from The scam artists

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Lopez has been married three times, to Marc Anthony, with whom he has twin 11-year-old Emme and Max, with Ojani Noa (coming soon) and the choreographer Cris Judd.

“What (the fear) is gone and I’m alone. It has been a great journey for me.”

“When I actually found out that you don’t need anyone else to complete it, and you can be happy on their own, a change took place, and all of a sudden I wasn’t alone. Do you really find such a person,” he said.

Lopez, now a 50-year-old, he became engaged to the former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, 44, in September of 2019 at the latest.

“You will fall in love with it when it is young, makes decisions, impulsive, and I’ve certainly been guilty of it, and not have to think about it as a whole, but I’m thinking about it. We are spending our time and being thoughtful,” she told the star.

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