A favorite at the Oscars In 2020, Brad Pitt collects his jokes this year; to remind you of the very best

RIO de janeiro – Brad Pitt this is, by far, the favorite for an Oscar in the year 2020 of the best actor in a supporting role. One of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Interview, the 56-year-old has never won a trophy and have the chance to finally be awarded for his performance in “once upon a time in… Hollywood. The patronage of the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie is even further enhanced by the fact that he has taken all the major awards of the season so far: the Pitt came out on top in the Auctionin the SAG and the Golden Globe awards.

Oscar-2020:The ceremony starts at 22h; check out the list of nominees

Be aware that, Pitt has been working steadily on a campaign for an Oscar: on Friday, the website for “Vulture” reported that the actor would still have been in the employ of an agency of the writers to take care of her speeches in this period. The search for professional help will also help you to explain the jokes to surefire that the actor has done at awards shows. Check it out, below are some of the best moments of the actor on the stage:

Wrapping up the debate on the ‘Titanic’

In the Golden Globe awards, Interview, thanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, to his the screen in the “once upon a time in… Hollywood. The actor jumped at the chance to, then shoot: “I have divided the board up with you.” The joke was a reference to the eternal debate about the end of “Titanic” in 1997. In the film, Jack (DiCaprio) dies, is frozen, after the sinking of the Titanic, because it wouldn’t fit with Rose’s (Kate Winslet) on a single board within reach of the bed. But fans have spent the last 23 years, arguing that the two could not have shared the space.

‘I wanted to bring my mother”

After a turbulent end to the marriage of Angelina Jolie’s by the year 2016, the Pitt seems to be much more at ease now, to laugh at your love life. Being single, he joked with the constant speculation of the tabloids, about your love life at the Golden Globe awards. And it explained why he appeared without an escort at the awards ceremony: “I Wanted to bring my mom, but I can’t get any women to my side that you are going to tell you what I’m seeing. That would be weird.”

He said that this was Tinder

We consider this to be an in-joke — to get the proper SAG, Pitt said that he was going to add his account to the Tinder. If he does have an account there, it’s a whole other story. But more recently, Sharon Stone, went public to complain that he had to account for the Bumble, another networking site, with the exclusion of…

When it is compared to the Brexit…

Winner of the Bafta, academy award, british, Interview, did not attend the ceremony. But he has, Margot Robbie, his colleague in “once upon a time in the… of Hollywood”, read it to the audience with this joke, which traced a parallel between her love life with the newly-signed Brexit: “Hello, it’s the United Kingdom. I just found out that you are single. Hello and welcome to the club!”.

Prince William and the duchess of Cambridge during the Bafta Brad Pitt, and asked: Margot Robbie to read a joke with prince Harry at the ceremony Photograph: JEFF GILBERT / AFP
Prince William and the duchess of Cambridge during the Bafta Brad Pitt, and asked: Margot Robbie to read a joke with prince Harry at the ceremony Photograph: JEFF GILBERT / AFP

…and even laughed at the family in front of prince William

Even in the Bafta Interview, he also called on Margot Robbie for his news, which would award the prize won under the name of “Harry,” a reference to the decision of the younger son of Lady Di, they leave the royal family: “he says He’s going to call the award that, Harry, because you’re all too happy to take him to the United States of america. His words, not mine,” said Robbie in the crowd, which included his brother, Harry, William, and the duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The two of them, by the way, they laughed of the stage.