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In the first episode of the series, which debuted on Monday (the 18th), repeats the story of the movie to tell you when the Rhyme was left a paraplegic

“The Bone Collector” is back. The serial killer book by Jeffery Deaver, adapted for film, with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie in 1999 and has now become a series on AXN. “Lincoln Rhyme – the Hunt for the Bone Collector,” includes Russell Hornsby, 45, and crush, Arielle kebbel, 35, the pair of main characters. Well-known for a series of more and more innocent such as “Gilmore Girls,” and “The Vampire Diaries” and the horror film “Scream 2” At kebbel’s claims that he has studied enough to face up to the role of Levels, each of which is marked by an interpretation of the Diamond.

A fan film inspired by the best-selling book, “The Bone Collector”, the actress said that it was done in fact in the history of the two police officers that were obsessed in the hunt with the Bone Collector – the serial killer who was the first to leave, always a piece of bone from a victim at the scene of the crime.

In the first episode of the series, which debuted on Monday night (the 18th) at 18 o’clock, repeats the story of the movie to tell you when the investigator Lincoln Rhyme was left a paraplegic after a car accident while on the job. Considered a genius, and he remains on active duty, and to command the research of your home.

Don’t delay for it to figure out the talents of the young cop She. While I was doing a tour with us, it is to be found in the body of a man and a train, to put in front of him on the track, just in order to preserve the evidence.

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The pilot episode will also reveal the history of Amelia, who experiences the traumas of childhood, which have caused various mental health conditions, as explained in the show. “I Like it fodona,” he says kebbel’s. “In fact, it is a very, very strong on the outside, but completely broken on the inside. The message is that She is not the one in which she doesn’t have feelings, or choose to be strong. She could feel all of this pain all of the time, but you can make the best of this situation.”

To reach out to their Students, to the actress’s account, which reviewed the movie “The Bone Collector”, by Phillip Noyce, and he studied the character portrayed in the book by Jeffery Deaver -there’s a whole series devoted to the character of Lyncoln Rhyme, which is hunting other serial killers with the help of the Students. She also wanted to respect the work that has been started up by Angelia Jolie.

“I have done all of this, because it was important to have a few pieces of Amelias unique to you, the fans, might also recognize it. But do not let the show of my version, which is displayed on TV 20 years later in the film,” says the actress.

Arielle kebbel’s has developed a new police officer when he spent a few days out of prison, and looking at the work of women, first and foremost. “I saw them drinking coffee and laughing, and also in view of the links and watched the video footage of safety and security. I have seen a man being shot in the back on one of those records, and they are seeking any witnesses to the crime, it is worth recalling.

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In order to account for all of the psychological pressure faced by the Students, kebbel’s hairstyles don’t just learn to shoot a bow, or behave like a police officer, but also heard the confessions of these professionals. “I’ve spent a lot of time chatting it up with the police to find out how much to share problems with friends, if you are able to talk about these things in the house, and that they would prefer not to tell you how they deal with it.”

To kebbel’s, it’s exciting to see a range officer for the mystery about to your episodes”. “I always want to know what is the next step in the Bone Collector.”

To support a series of ten episodes, the “Lincoln Rhyme” is going to be faced with the other assassins in that they confuse the law enforcement officers in the hunt for a real Collector’s Piece. This strategy can be entertaining, but you run the risk of tiring the audience. The actress is said to believe that the production is going to win over the fans of the original story, and the audience who have never seen the movie of the 1990’s.



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