Brazilian serie a debut on HBO – 16/05/2020 – Illustrated


In the series, “Killer”, the lawyer’s training, and the mistress of the house, at the choice of Sofia (Natália Lage; the photo) lost her husband suddenly. And it has a surprise: he left the legacy of a producer of porn movies who has always kept it a secret. Adapted from a French series of the same title, which ran for three seasons, this is the brazilian version, it was coproduzida by the radio station to Gullane and you have the general direction of Rodrigo Meirelles. Denise Del Vecchio, Fernando Alves Pinto, you are also in the cast.

HBO, 23, 18

The Direction Of The Explosive

A man receives an anonymous call and finds out that there’s a bomb in the car that he drives, and their children were in the back seat. The Suspense in German, it has already been shown in the “display Screen Hot.

The globe 22h33 14-year-old

The orders of the Other Place

Four people are on the search for a new meaning in their lives, and to become involved in a web of mystery and suspense. Actor Jason Segel has created, and it is one of the main characters in this new series. Sally Field is also involved.

Amazon Prime Video, a 16 year old

And separated for same-sex Marriage

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn (pictured) star in this romantic comedy, topsy-turvy. They are a husband and wife who, after a series of misunderstandings, he is on the verge of separation and divorce.

And”, 21 a 14-year-old

Flavors to the Extreme with Gordon Ramsay

In this new series that combines travel and food, and the chef was british, Gordon Ramsay travels the world in search of exotic dishes. In the premiere episode, he goes through the bike, up the Valley of the Incas, in Peru, to get to know the cuisine of the place.

Nat Geo, 12h35, 12 years old