Halle Berry stunning in a short 1 minute it went up on the Calls


Halle Berry stunning in a short, 1-minute - Grosby Group

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Halle Berry surprised her fans showing her fine form in the clip, the action and the fight with 1 minute, that she went up on her Instagram. In the video, she is speaking to her instructor, and personal trainer, Peter, and his physical ability.

About the clip, she says:

Welcome to the first #FitnessFriday 2019 at the latest! The theme for this year is to FIND THE WARRIOR INSIDE OF YOU!!! The past year has been a blast, but this year we are challenging ourselves and you to have to work even harder. If the warrior is just a flourish, or if it is hidden in the background, we all have one! This week, Peter and I, we shared a video that we made recently, in which our warriors have come to play. You have some combat skills, and the practice of a martial art that can not only change lives, but to save people’s lives,” he said.

The music video was directed by Marko Zaror, director, actor, artist and martial arts, and the film was provided by director Tony Diaz.

Fans of the actress, broke into the session and comments, to ask for the Hall to make a series with this one subject matter.