Johnny Depp claims to have evidence that you did not beat She Heard


Johnny Depp you want to prove to you that you don’t hit Amber Heard. Having said that, I never would fight against the accusations of his ex-wife, Johnny it claims it now has evidence that you did not hit She.

This will be used in the case of defamation of him and against the tabloid’s british The Sunhe published an article in the By Dan Woottoncalling on the star to no less than “wife-batterer,“.

The article also was critical of J. K. Rowlingdid you allow Johnny to follow him into the franchise as well All the Amazing animals and Where they Liveeven after the allegations of assault against him.

Today, we will file a non-exhaustive list of evidence that will rebut the allegations in the underlying fraudulent practices, against Mr. Deppthen, ” said the lawyer of the actor, Adam Waldmanin an announcement to the The E! News.

The article includes the following “dozens and dozens of tapes from the original“as well as “the statements of eye-witnesses, depositions, sworn recently discovered transcripts of the testimony of the 2016 olympics, in addition to for the messages between the Sun and where it came from #metoo“.

We continue to give testimonies to the deep on this subject“added Adam.

In the process, he makes a reference to an alleged fight between Amber and Johnny, which took place on the 21st of may to the end of 2016. The actress has accused her ex-husband throwing a cell phone at her face and into her eyes. It is also alleged that on the 21st day of April of the same year, the player would have played “a bottle of champagne on the wall, and a glass of wine on me and on the floor – both of them are broken“.

In the documents obtained by the The E! Newsseveral have testified have stated that on the 21st day of may, 2016 there were no visible injuries on her face in Amber and not in the next few days. In addition to this, one witness claimed that at the time of the mailingthere was no broken glass that I noticed in the apartment“.

Another witness stated that he never saw “abrand“in the face of the star up to the “6 days after she made the claim“. The security cameras also show the image of a blonde woman, without any signal apparent in child abuse.

In accordance with the PeopleJohnny is suing the tabloid for the 200 to one thousand pounds or 900 us$. He is also seeking an injunction prohibiting the newspaper to continue publishing,” the allegations of abuse in the marriage.

The person She has been sought out by the The E! Newsbut has not appeared in the case.