Kim Kardashian fights with Kourtney, for the sake of the party in the North and Penelope

Is it Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian they will agree to, at some time in their lives?

A video of the latest episode of the Keeping Up With the Kardashiansthe sisters are famous, you are arguing for the sake of the theme of the party North West and Penelope Disick. Apart from the two of the mothers had accepted to do the celebration on the sweet, Kourtney wants to include healthier options on their menus.

The theme is ‘the sweet’, Kourtney! Is not going to be healthysaid to be the founder of the KKW Beautythat was obviously thwarted.

But it can be“said the creator of the Poosh. “Is not going to be healthy in any way. Sugar is not a healthy one. But, I’m telling you not to put all of the heavy, which is a pure dye,“.

With the holiday there are 8 days to come, and Kim then asks for Kourt to give you an example of a dessert that is healthy too. In spite of the mother-of-three will not be able to respond at the time, she said that she could “search“.

Kourtney has such a rule, we don’t put sugar or a lot of the chemistry in candy“said the Kardashian-West. “It will be a party with no sugar, gluten-free, and fun, because that Kourtney decided that it didn’t make any sense“.

As for the idea that Kourtney is also going against the of the that North and Penelope want a Public that is feeling frustrated.

On the other hand, Kourtney feels that the idea of the former, for the festival’s “dating“.

I can’t believe that Kim doesn’t want to commit to itit, ” she said in the confessional. “And she doesn’t feel guilty of giving too many sweet treats, and these kinds of things, not only for our children but for all children in the party“.

Are they going to sign a contract? Stay smart at the KUWTK to find out!