Lady Gaga has given its name to the bug’s ‘crazy’ which was discovered by a student – 11/03/2020


The discovery of a new species of insect that turned into a tribute to Lady Gaga, all of which are now baptized in the little beast. For a student to graduate from the University of Illinois, he was the one responsible for the feat, and has given the species the name of the Kaikaia her.

Mr Morris, you are already a fan of this kind of insect, of the families of the membracídeos. Some of the species commonly called the little, or viuvinhas, and are related to cicadas, have characteristics quite peculiar, as it has similar structures to the horns, the vibrant colours, ‘sing’, using plants as, among other things.

“What scares Me is that it is a group of more than 40 million years of existence, it has the forms as a variety,” Morris said. In particular, it has generated a name pertaining to the pop star.

“If there is a bug with the face of the” Lady Gaga is a membracídeo, and he has to have those horns, and dogs, and a guy who has the look more of the crazy”, you have defined it. “They are something like you’ve never seen it before.”

The finding of the Assessing was done with the entomologist Christopher Dietrich, published in Zootaxa, and played at the university of Illionois.

The insect is noticed by them is a female. To distinguish them from other species has been observed in the first, the head, the shape of the body, limbs, hair and genitalia.

The characteristics of the Kaikaia gaga came out of her chest, and that has a kind of horn, and the hair on my legs. The head also had a format that is completely different from what I’ve seen, and age was also on the species of the other groups.

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The species is a native of Nicaragua.