Rob Kardashian’s demands to save the full of her daughter


Rob Kardashian should go back to the court to require the ex Blac Chyna, complete custody of his daughter with the Dream Images.

Now the ex-couple shares custody of the little girl, but as it is, the brother of Kim Kardashian wants to have her daughter around him all the time.

In the documents he filed in court, Rob Kardashian has revealed the reasons why Blac Chyna should no longer be in the custody of a Dream, according to Glamour magazine:

1. Problems with alcohol such As for your ex, explained recently, this model holds parties regularly at his home, in the presence of her three-year-old. He also tells us that Chyna has a serious problem with alcohol, and that one of her domestic staff, said Blac spend about$ 600 (US$ 2.4 million) a day in alcoholic beverages.

2. The problems with the drugs, The ex-stripper was also charged for the Images to be addicted to cocaine and become violent when he was under the influence.

3. The education of the Dream; But according to the post, which seems to be the main reason why Rob wants to get complete custody of your daughter, as soon as possible is the behavior of the bold, which says that the little girl was in the last few months.

Rob Kardashian’s claims in the papers that your child has learned to do a twerk in the nude and in sexual positions, which the girl says that her mother taught her.

In addition, it makes sure that it is the lack of personal care and hygiene of Blac Chyna in relation to the Dream of course, his daughter is often seen with a tooth-and-nail, dirty, and almost always with a head with no hair.

And if that wasn’t enough, Rob Kardashian goes on to explain that the Dream speaks in a very rude and Khloé Kardashian have also noticed this, and said to witness, that your niece is a very aggressive all the time, which goes back to the house, and spent the days with his mother.

Up to now, Blac Chyna has not given any statement on the matter.


In days gone by Blac Chyna, gave an update on his current relationship with the father of her children, and she said to US Weekly magazine that she feels very grateful for the support we receive from Tyga, and Rob Kardashian, with whom she shares custody of King Cairo, to seven years, and the Dream Images, in-three, respectively.

The 31 year-old model confessed that even though you no longer have a relationship with them, and that she is ‘so grateful’ to have them in her life to help her and her family.

“With the support of others is really very, very good. I am definitely thankful for the parents of my babies … They give me such a gap so that I can rejuvenate you as a woman and to keep my focus on again and again. Or, do I have to do something about it, it gives me the freedom to act,” he says, referring to his appointments, work, or travel, and when the parents are with their children.