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The american singer Taylor Swift has cancelled a european tour, including a concert in July and in the US it Enabled us, in the Uk, has announced that the promoter of the festival, which refer to May, in any decision-making about the future.

The singer is concerned by the spread of the virus
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In a statement, promoter, Everything is New, ” explains Taylor Swift has cancelled all of their tour around Europe, because of the pandemic of the disease, Covid-19, including a visit to the festival In the Ease of the 9th of July.
The Ease is scheduled for the 8th to the 11th of July, and remained standing, with the district attorney to explain to you that you just will make a decision on in the event that following the termination of a State of Emergency, which ends on the 2nd of May. “We have been working in all settings, including the postponement of the date

for the festival,” he said.
Taylor Swift was one of the headliners of the festival, along with such names as Kendrick Lamar, Was Eilish and The Strokes, joined by names such as Faith no More, The Weasel, and Caribou.
Singer-songwriter and actress from north-america, Taylor Swift is one of the most popular female singers of our time, known for the songs, anecdotes about his personal life. His CD debut, “Taylor Swift” was released in October of 2006, and it sold five million copies in the United States.