What Jennifer Lopez did not even like to eat it? The head of the singer’s shows



There are two foods that appeal especially to the artist.

The head chef, Kelvin Fernandez, who has been working for a few years and Jennifer Lopez has revealed some interesting facts about the power of the singer, and in particular those foods that do not appeal to the artist’s work.

In a statement to Us Weekly, the Kelvin Fernandez admitted that there is a food that is forbidden on the diet, Jennifer Lopez on the radio. “I know that She doesn’t like salmon, so if you’re making a salmon for the other people, and I have to prepare a sea bass, halibut, or cod. Jennifer did not like it, neither the taste nor the texture of the salmon,” he said.

But there is also the food she dispenses, as in the case of a period of time. According to the chief, the singer’s “this is not a big fan of the fruit.” However, fruits and vegetables galore in the house, for the sake of the children of the king. “There are always vegetables, such as spinach, cucumber and celery to make a juice that is green. They love to start the day off with a high green”, he said.