6ix9ine said that the leadership of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber at the stop of the ‘Billboard charts’ was a long Song


In a video posted on her profile on Instagram, the rapper said that:

  • 30 million copies of the song in the first place in the “billboard Hot 100”, “Stuck with U’, from the Aryan Grande and Justin Bieber, are bought and paid for with six credit cards;
  • the purchase happened on a Thursday (the 14th), the last day to be considered by the publication to your list
  • in the magazine’s “illegally” took the view that his song, “Gooba”, there were only about 30 million of the stream;
  • these factors made for a single, third on the list, got back on the street.

In the “Hot 100” is a weekly list of the “Singles”, which it considers copies of the album sold, the number of streams and live broadcasts on the radio, to establish the top 100 most popular songs in the United States.

“I want the world to know that the song is’ it’s a lie. You can buy it in the first place in the ‘Billboard’,” said 6ix9ine.

The magazine did not comment on the case, but for the publication of the list, failed him on one of his charges. In spite of the third place in the overall ranking, “Gooba” it was under the direction of the music, with the largest number of streams, with 55,3 million.

They have “Stuck with U, it was 1st in its category, with 108 billion in sales. Among the streams, fell in the quarter, with a 28.1 million.