Celebrities come out in support of Bella Thorne after the intimate photos which will be presented

For the past few days has been difficult for Bella Thorne, with the star being threatened by a would-be attacker. The attacker is revealed, what would you post intimate pictures of the actress on the internet, so that the Body has taken a drastic and brave decision to leak her own photos so as not to be being blackmailed.

A lot of people, including Whoopi Goldberg, criticized the attitude of the girl. However, for other people, in particular, came to support an old friend in this stressful time, including Lucy Hale, Zendaya, Dove Cameron, and others. In the messages, the Visits proved that his ex-partner in the series is sent.

“You should keep in mind that you are strong and brave. The inside and the outside,” said the actress. The two met in 2010 at the same time, they have played a leading role in the series of humorous children’s “On-Rate”. “You’re the light and I’m proud of you.”

Since the end of the series, the ones they have gone a very different one. There have always been comments about how the two are not talked about more, or had more of a friendship. Including Thorne has revealed that she was forced to compete with Zendaya, but that was not the reason for the friendship to end.

On the other mensanges, Lucy Hale, Pretty Little Liars, spoke of all the improvements. “Good for you, baby girl. It broke my heart. You are making a difference in talking about it, and on behalf of all women and girls.”. ‘ve Check this out, he came out in defense of the actress, because of the comments from Whoopi Goldberg. “Where’s the support for the young women. I love the women? All of them love their women’s. Don’t be an idiot! Sexuality is part of being a HUMAN being. but the trial and all, they are not. Ugh, I can’t stand it. @WhoopiGoldberg please, it will be better. I don’t have kind words for you….”


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