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Exactly 20 years ago, Bruce Willis has become a “love machine” by Friends (1994-2004), one of the animals that he has paid for in the play because of a bet with actor Matthew Perry, a member of the six series of the legendary. The interpretation of a crown of the hottie, her boyfriend’s character, Jennifer Aniston, ended up giving him a primetime Emmy.

On the 4th day of may, 2000, has been in the air over the United States from the episode the One where Paul’s the man, 22-second of the sixth season be available on Netflix; Friends, it is also the appeal of Warner bros.). This is one of the three competitions that, After he did, such as Paul, father-in-law of Ross (David Schwimmer), and peguete Rachel’s (Jennifer’s).

A university Professor Who was in a relationship with a female student, Elizabeth Stevens (Alexandra Holden), she was the daughter of his own. The couple in love planned a fugidinha in order to have a private time in a cottage on the family of the young man. Harm waited for them, that Paul and Rachel would have thought the same thing.

Paul and Ross did not bicavam, the character of Willis does not see with good eyes the relationship of Elizabeth with an older man. To the surprise of the encounter in the cabin made having to hide from the father-in-law, in order to avoid a confrontation.

Paul (Bruce Willis), and the game of “love machine”

Without a mistake, the teacher came into the room with Paul, on the bottom of the bed. The awkward situation ended up favoring Ross. With an insider’s view, and he saw Paul’s face in the mirror and talk to yourself, the trick to gaining confidence to tackle the novel with her, which, ironically, he was younger than he was.

Paul desabotoou his shirt and pointed to the mirror, saying, “you are the man”. He talked further to himself: “Still hot, still sexy, and a machine-in love with love”. All accompanied by a song and a little dance rídicula and fun.

Ross, he used what he saw to the hidden, to blackmail Paul. The teacher threatened him indirectly, and with a number of suggestions, which he would tell what he saw to Him. In magic, the two became friends and understood each other.

After he left the scene in Friends in the episode. Rachel felt that the relationship with Paul, it was superficial, because he doesn’t know the law. After convincing him to open up more, to share feelings and tell stories about the past, She regretted it. Paul has turned into a waterfall of tears to bring to your memory the events of early childhood that hurt.

That was the other part of the Willis which has passed in the chapter of weeping, screaming, in the fetal position in the lap of the girl, which was unnecessary.

handout/warner bros.

Matthew Perry, Bruce Willis in the movie, My Neighbor, Lance, being a success at the box office worldwide

Bet and Hit

Funny that Bruce Willis has done in the Friends has paid off. Known for such films as the franchise’s die Hard (1988), in which he accepted the challenge to take part of the show’s most iconic. And, after so much din has carved a name in the story: she won the Emmy for outstanding guest actor in a comedy series in the year 2000.

This was the second trophy of his career –the other was given to The Cat and The Mouse (1985-1989), as outstanding lead actor in a drama. Willis was part of a select list of the celebrities who performed at the Friends of Julia Roberts, Brad Piit), and it was the first one to snatch the Oscar from the TV show. After that, only Christina Applegate has won a category in the awards among the actors invited to live at one of the sisters to Him.

And to think that all of this was a gamble. In February 2000, he arrived in the movie theaters the american movie, My Neighbor’s Mafia, directed by Willis on the side of Matthew Perry, Chandler from Friends. The film came about as a comedy without being pretentious, but Perry believed in the success of the production. And he made a bet with a co-worker, the estreasse in the first place at the box office in the United States, Willis would have to act on it Friends.

My next-door Neighbor Lance has not only been a leader at the box office in the us, it’s a real hit all over the world, raising$ 104 million (Us$ 565 million) –the film cost$ 41 million (Us$ 222 million). My next-door Neighbor-Mafia 2-born the four years after that, but it was a flop in the theaters.