In the state of São Paulo, and the city wants to ‘superferiado’ for six days


The state government and the Municipal government of São Paulo will submit to the legislature requests that the of the anticipation of the holidays this week. The goal is to increase the rate of social isolation in the capital city of são paulo and in other municipalities in order to contain the advance of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

It’s the holidays, which would have to change the date for Corpus Christi (June 11th), the anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution (July 9), and the Day of Black Consciousness (November 20th). If approved, the capital would have a week of holidays, and with holidays on the Wednesday (the 20th), Thursday (21st) and Monday (may 25). On Friday (the 22nd), it would be considered the point of opt-in total to the end of the week, the six days of the shutdown.

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“It became clear over the course of the weekend, and it was the holidays, we have the highest rates of isolation, and this contributes to the control of the hiv pandemic,” said the governor, João Doria (S).

On Monday (the 18th), at 15h, in the municipality of São Paulo, begins with a discussion of the project to the advance of the two public holidays, the city of Corpus Christi and the Day of Black Consciousness. Already at the Meeting of the Legislative council, on the request of the government, it will be the anticipation of the Day of the Constitutional Revolution.

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“All of our focus in these efforts to expand the social isolation, that is, to not let everyone get sick at the same time, and we have that cot on the public health care system,” said the mayor, Bruno Covas (PSDB).



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