Johnny Depp claims to have new evidence that you did not hit Amber Heard – 22/01/2019


His Wife filed new papers in court claiming that it has proof that it never hit the actress Amber Heard, his ex-wife.

According to the TMZ, thes, which were registered in the United Kingdom, where the actor already has a lawsuit against the tabloid in English, “The Sun” in a defamation case. The journal said that the Wife was a “espancador of a wife.”

Heard say that the actor has played before, on the 21st day of may, 2016, with a cell phone in their face and still hit. The actress has photos of the incident, in which it appears in the right-hand side of his face is bruised.

The new documents, filed by the Wife, which include witnesses who say they saw Amber coming out of the apartment for them on the day of the alleged assault-and that she did not appear to be injured.

Even one of the witnesses to guarantee that you have not seen the signs on the face of the actress for up to six days after the event. His Wife still remembers that the two cops attended the event, and do not see any wound on the face of the actress.

Actress, Amber Heard's alleged that he was assaulted by Johnny Depp - Playing

Actress, Amber Heard’s alleged that he was assaulted by Johnny Depp’s

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To remind you of the event

The the testimonies of the double have been reported for the first time only in January of the year. “Johnny and I, we are referring to his personality, the part of it that is not present when it hit me, like, ‘the monster’. Years ago we used this term. I’ve had a lot of fear of the monster,” the actress said in a deposition in August of 2016.

It was not long after the start of the fight, according to Heard, who is your friend, Raquel Pennington has come on to the site. Pennington, who lives nearby, received a message from the Heard, asking for help, and testified in front of the lawyers, who heard the Wife screaming inside the apartment.

The noise he made with the security of your own Wife to come into the spot, and convinced him to go. Pennington testified that it took “dozens and dozens of photos of bruises and injuries inflicted by the Wife on Heard island during the relationship, including on the fateful night of the breakup.

When asked by counsel for the Wife, if ever there was, herself, assaulted then-husband, Heard replied “it was the best he could to defend himself from it. The actress pointed out that the Wife is the larger and physically stronger than she is.

The report also shows that the versions of conflict of the police officers that showed up at the apartment shortly after the fight ended. According to the police officer, Melissa Saenz, Heard he refused to say his name, so that she does not recognize him. In addition to this, there was broken glass on the floor, and on the face of the actress and did not appear bruised.

Heard said he has not spoken with law enforcement officials in a manner that is more open at the time, on the recommendation of his attorney. Pennington, a friend of the actress says that the police have seen the damage caused to the apartment by the Wife, and that nothing had been cleaned before their arrival.

Your own Wife appears in the document, saying that in the testimony that you Heard, was the person in an abusive relationship. According to him, she gave him two blows in the face,” on the evening of the 21st of April, 2016, when he’s late for a dinner party celebrating her birthday.

Depp and Heard got married in the year 2015, and they ended up getting divorced after two years.