Kylie Jenner shows off her natural hair: “it’s been years, it is not so long


The cat told him that since about 15 years old, I had not seen your threads are so long!

Kylie Jenner every now and then is displayed as a color or haircut that is different, isn’t he? Thanks to the laces and the inserts, the newest member of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, that is, the very own homelessness, and it can play in the new look, but on Tuesday, the the manager has shared a video showing how they are natural fibers.

The influencer has said that it had been years since he has not seen her natural hair, which is black, in the length. “I don’t think that, ever since the age of 15, he is not so far -”wrote Case in the post. It is very rare to see the mother-of-Stormie-without the plugs, but the wires you are tapping on the shoulder right now!!!

Take a look at some of the hair that Has already had to do with the help of a lace, do you remember them all?

At present, it is that of chanel, which reminds us a lot of Kim Kardashian, do you?

But it was pretty much over!

And the blonde hair…

Red-haired too!!!

Mention of the phase, the color of the Case? Had a purple one..

And what about that blue crayon? It’s so beautiful!

We confess that the rose has been one of our favorites! can

Which hair do you think blends more with the Case?