Lady Gaga announces new album and explains the concept of the “Chromatica”

Lady-Gaga-and-the-new-stage Chromatica

Fans of the Lady Gaganow it’s official: the new album is coming soon.

Chromatica it will be the sixth album from the critically acclaimed, pop singer, and has a release date set for April 10.

The information is from the singer herself, who, in an interview with the radio Beats, the 1, has said that this song was in the process of the making of the album “to heal,” and further explained:

I think that is what I have learned is that I can’t see the world the way I want it, and it does not mean to erase all the bad things, it just means that I can re-purpose all of my life’s experiences, and re-aligning the way the world records the experiences of life in a way that I love you and I believe in you, and that’s Chromatica.

I live in Chromatica, this is the place that I live. I’ve been to the one in my picture of life, I found it on the Ground, and I blacked out. The Earth is cancelled out. I live in Chromatica.

Lady Gaga and Chromatica

The new album of Gaga’s visit. Joannelaunched at the end of 2016.

Ushering in this new stage, the singer has released her single, “Stupid Love,” in the past week, with the clip, recorded all on the iPhone.

With respect to the sound of the album, she said:

In short, this is a cover… so I put all of my heart, my pain, my messages from the “other world”, I’m listening… what do they say to me, say it to the world, and I put it all in the music, which I believe to be fun and full of energy. I want people to dance and feel happy. I’d like to shed the music that is to a large part of the world to listen to you, and you will become a part of your everyday life and leave you happy all day.

The album was recorded at the home studio Lady Gaga was the one who Frank Zappa:

We’ve done a good portion of the hard disk in my home studio. I’ve been to a house where he was in the studio, the former Frank Zappa’s studio and live, great, it’s a beautiful thing. I was on the top floor of the balcony outside of the kitchen, and [o produtor] Bloodpop came in and told me, ‘well, that was enough, exit to the balcony, and I was crying and he said, ‘I’m feeling miserable, sad, or depressed much of the time,’ he said, ‘I know, I know, and we’re going to do music now,’ so I went down and I was writing it. The album is a showcase not only for the way in which you can re-purpose the way we see the world, but I can promise you, and I hope that the love that was all around me in the process of the creation of the album, it’s something that other people feel that they have to know that art, like, you know, like the producers are, if a guy is working on it, or a girl, you are working on, they just don’t want anyone else to work on, you do not want to share with the world, everyone is depressed, and there was nothing of the sort. These recordings went through so many people, there have been so many versions of this song, because we all wanted them to be perfect and literally no one cared about the fact that your fingerprint be on them, since that would be the coolest thing we can give to the world, and it would make sense to be genuine and to be fully me.

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