Matthew Perry re-enables the profile to access a dating after separation from Molly Hurwitz


  (Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

(Photo: Playback/ Instagram)

Referred to as I, from the series “Friends” Matthew Perry, 50, is on the hunt for a new love after separating from his girlfriend, the agent, the talent of Molly Hurwitz, at the beginning of this month, according to the web site of american and US Weekly.

According to the publication, the actor would be back in the dating Raya, which was attended by an elite group of the rich and famous, and is described as the ‘ Tinder of Famous people. The information comes from a source from the magazine said that the actor had removed his profile from the app, of dating when he began dating Hurwit, and now he’s “sending a message to the girls and then the dating online again.

Friends close to the actor hoped that he would be married, with the agent’s talent. “His inner circle wanted him to settle in for a long time, especially Courteney Cox and ex-colleague of ‘Friends'”, said a source at the publication, in the month of February.

Molly Hurwitz, had his own apartment, but she was spending more and more time at the home of Perry como, ” said a source to the magazine. And he said that it had been a very good influence on the actress, who struggled with addiction problems in the past. “No one can remember seeing him so happy.”

For the sake of his addiction, Matthew Perry, has already confessed in a recent interview with The Chris Evans Breakfast Show-don’t-remember-of-three-seasons worth of “Friends”. The revelation was made after he was asked about which was his season best. “Oh My God. I think the answer to that is: I can’t remember which of the three full years. Anything in between the third and the sixth year. I was out of it for a longer period of time.”

I was admitted to the hospital several times in and out of rehab to treat the addiction, including in 2001, when “Friends” was still on the air. After that, he was able to stay “clean”, and has opened an institution to help ex-addicts, the Perry House as well.

By 2019, Matthew Perry has put on sale its coverage in the Los Angeles area (USA). The apartment is 860 m2, is located in the heart of Century Center, on the 40th floor of the building, the Century Tower, was purchased by Perry for two years, with a value of US$ 20 million (around R$ 77.4 million).


Founded by the brother of the actress, Dakota Johnson, Jesse Johnson, in the middle of 2015, with the application, Raya is very similar to Tinder, but is exclusively for members of the selected and has been bringing more and more and more popular in the us.

Between them is Luciana Gimenez, Anitta, Ben Affleck, Adele, Demi Lovato, Sharon Stone, Cara Delevigne and Emma Watson. If it is accepted, after an evaluation of the committee, the member must pay a membership fee, which can range from$ 9.99 to$ 29.99 (from$ 58 to$ 174,60).