The court detailed the humiliation that Johnny Depp has Amber Heard


Not surprisingly, the more a pump is built on a regarding the issue of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

According to Cinema Blend, a manager of real estate in the Bahamas, call Tara Roberts, has sent a document to the court as part of A$ 50 million Wife against the Heard.

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Roberts was the next to fight for the former couple, and while it hasn’t caught up with all of the discussion, it was noted, of the various name-calling, and harassment of, Heard against the Wife.

“She was insulting them, and calling them by their names. In the midst of the attack, I heard her saying the following: “Your career’s over’, ‘No-one is going to hire you’, ‘You are fat and fresh,’ and ‘you’ll die as a lonely man’. She yelled out things that were incomprehensible,” he said.

The statement should not be used as evidence in the fight for legal, between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

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They broke up in 2016, with a Heard claiming to have been assaulted by the Wife.

After a few years, Heard has written an article detailing the alleged abuse in the home (the actress, not to mention Wife, but it was clear that I was referring to him, which he did with Depp, and his lawyers opened a court case against it, asking for$ 50 million.

Wife cites as moral damages, and the loss of jobs due to the allegations, which he insists that it is “a hoax concocted”.

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The actor claims that he was the true victim of the aggression in the marriage.

His Wife is also suing for slander and defamation on the web portal of The Sun, in the year 2018 has published a story calling him a “espancador of women.”

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More details are to be announced soon.



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