the mother of Rafael Brites is called in to speak with the singer in live


The mother of Rafael Brites, Maria Brites, made the dream of many a fan of Justin Bieber. The hostess told us that Mary saw the live singer for the to practice their English, and it ended up being called to participate in it. Rafa has asked for someone to send you a print of this when it’s broadcast live, it was not to be saved.

“You don’t know what just happened. I need the help of the internet, it is not possible for anyone to be able to this video for me…. My mother studied English since a long time, and then it goes into the lives, to learn from her, and she follows Justin Bieber’s,” said Rafa. Her mom was watching live for the singer, and when he was on the screen along with it.

The host told us that, Mary, said he did not speak any English, and went out. “I don’t know if it’s more funny, my mother has come to live in the Justin Bieber, sharing the screen with him, or her, study a language their whole lives and are only able to say a sentence. What are the chances? What are the chances of a guy to call my mother?”, it finished Rafa. Maria Brites has felt in the skin of what it means to be a Belieber. So far, no one managed to get a print of this when the mother Brites with Justin Bieber.

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