A bold, Khloé Kardashian sends unusual gift for the mum, Kris Jenner


Flowers, chocolate, a basket of coffee in the morning?” Nothing of the sort! On the Day of the Mothers of the clan Kardashian/ Jenner has been marked by some unexpected gifts. Khloé Kardashian surprised her mother, Kris Jenner, to send you free condoms and sex toys, to commemorate the date.

On Instagram, the matriarch of the family, it starts by showing you a bottle of vodka, and then, in a joking way, he says that the memories of Khloé “have”.

Each and every a part of the surprise is a well thought-out for the blonde. Displaying on a label attached to the bottle, to the honour of the day to read, “the mother says, ‘it’s five o’clock somewhere in the world”.

Soon after, Kris Jenner, shows off a photo of the leaves of the marijuana in the front of the packaging, with the following dedication: “For the last week stressed out’”.

To enhance creativity, Khloé had a few condoms in with the following message: “To’s mom ‘tired of giving birth’”.

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There are also a few of the pills, relaxing, in addition to a dildo with a message empowering.

To that end, Kris Jenner, opened up a bag of the Dior, are also sent for his daughter, and said to the blonde, and the gifts were fabulous.



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