Actress Amber Heard is the criticism upon its publication, with content of a racist – Most of the most Famous


The stunning actress Amber Heard is causing quite a stir on the social networking site, this is because, in the final on Tuesday (03) she used Twitter, and was responsible for publishing content that is racist

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Amber Heard is widely criticized for publishing a racist
Reproduction/ Instagram

Amber Heard is widely criticized for publishing a racist

“I just heard that there is a check point for Immigration and Customs enforcement, in Hollywood, there are a few blocks from where I live. It is very best to give you a ride home tonight, to your employees, nannies, and gardeners,” he wrote Amber Heard
on the digital platform.

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In just a few minutes, the post received a lot of criticism, and the actress, who is Merely in the film “the Tempest”, came to speak on the topic: “check Points on the street, in their homes, This is a ‘great American,’ what are we looking for? The raids, fences and police checkpoints, as checkpoints do not seem to be the “land of the free’, that our ancestors were immigrants and they built,” he wrote, after the united states.

Being accused of racism, and Amber Heard is not an excuse

Actress Amber Heard attended a protest outside of a detention facility for children
Reproduction/ Instagram

Actress Amber Heard attended a protest outside of a detention facility for children

The content of the publication was considered to be a racist, right, the actress deleted the tweet. No excuse for that post, it tried to be the same as the social network, which has caused the controversy.

“This human rights crisis to be so politicized, it is difficult to make a simple statement without it being used as a distraction to the real issues. It’s hard for anyone not to be affected in a negative way by this issue in some other way.”, he wrote the Amber.

However, even with the explanation, it has continued to be maligned. A fan, for example, has made it a point to respond to the city: “The mouth of the Hollywood
they need to put their money where their mouth is. A lot of speak and little action!!!”.

Another user suggested that the construction of the wall, and it was accepted by the city: “The truth is, the majority of the people who are here illegally come from the plane, and stay longer than their visas, not by walking but at the risk of their lives, and in some of the most inhospitable terrains in the world, and that the wall is intended to block,” she said.

It is worth noting that, at the end of June, she was joined by other guests such as Connie Britton, Lena Dunham), Joshua Jackson, Sia, Bella Thorne and Constance Wu in a sit-in in front of of a facility for the detention of children in, near, at, Texas, united states.

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During the sit-in, Amber Heard
she held up a sign with the following saying: “The country was nice. The Holocaust was legal. The legality is a question of power, not of justice.”

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